Choosing a Coach

Supporting leaders with coaching that makes a difference.

We know that there is often a need to support leaders who are driving business change.

It can be tough and lonely. While senior interims can provide informal coaching support, effective executive coaching needs to be independent from projects and dedicated to the individual.

With the support of an independent, honest and trusted coach (who also understands business change), leaders can have confidential conversations which enable them to explore options and ideas, take a fresh look at how to approach people and situations in the workplace, address challenges and get support when they have a problem with conflict and/or making difficult decisions.

Our coaches can work with leaders on a one to one basis, or with teams of any size.

Our coaches have deep knowledge of business change and how it impacts people. All are members of recognised coaching bodies and have extensive previous coaching experience. To find out more about our coaches, take a look at the profiles (links below) or contact us for a confidential chat:


Comma Partners learning and development events which are open to our interim network.

POSTPONED - Doing twice the work in half the time - with Agile

With Chris Crofts
(HOLDING DATE 1ST SEPTEMBER - TBC LATER IN YEAR) 01/09/2020 : 6.30 - 8.30pm

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Making Sense of Change

With Calley Martin
(London) 13/10/2020 : 6.30 to 8.30 pm

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