How to Hire a Communications Interim

What do you want or need for this role?

The Brief

Is the role for maternity cover or is it a project role? Is there a job description? If not, no problem.

The Experience

Do you want someone strategic, mid-range or a technical specialist (eg a writer or intranet manager)?

The Skills

What do you want or need for this role? Your shopping list is likely to include some or all of the following: listening, influencing, good oral and written communication skills, stakeholder management, planning and people management as well as experience of communications channels.

The Must Haves

Does this person need sector experience – be aware that most interims are highly adaptable and their skills are transferable?

The Basics

Is the role based at one or several sites? How long is the initial contract? Is this full-time or part-time?

We Can Help

You can talk through all these points including the day rate with Comma Partners. We will help you decide what will suit your needs. Contact Us

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