What do you want or need for this role?

When to seek a mentor?

Mentoring can be useful to communication specialists at any stage of their career. It is particularly valuable during career changes such as a promotion or when new responsibilities are taken on, or when considering a new career direction.

Mentoring can help communication practitioners to recognise their abilities and limitations, to explore the best working environment, highlight areas for future development or understand career potential. With the support of an independent, honest and trusted mentor, a programme of one-to-one conversations provides the opportunity to seek guidance confidentially, explore options and ideas, and take a fresh look at how to approach people and situations in the workplace.

So if you are considering an internal career move, returning to work after a career break, want to move into interim work or you want to take a new direction, mentoring could be for you.

Who uses mentors?

When on-boarding with Comma's network, all candidates benefit from a general career discussion. Some candidates want more support and a tailored programme can be put designed to suit those needs.

Mentoring programmes are is also suitable for in-house communications managers when they take on or inherit new challenges or they want to review their career direction and/or priorities.

We understand the communications marketplace and from working in-house and as freelancers, we understand the many challenges, experiences and opportunities you will face. As team leaders in communications and through our interim placement practice, we have built up a strong track record of offering valuable and thoughtful guidance and career motivation to people at all stages of their communications career.

What's involved?

Mentoring programmes are based on objectives with areas of particular focus for each session. Typically a programme is for six months with one session per month but this can be tailored for individual requirements, time and budget.

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