Do you need an Internal Communications Audit?

The answer for most businesses is probably ‘YES’. As we come out of the pandemic research shows that uncertainty about how employees are feeling now they are back at work is at an all-time high.  This does not bode well for employee engagement and retention.

Using the right channels at the right time

The COVID crisis accelerated the use of digital communications at an unbelievably high pace.  Companies who had been dipping their toe in suddenly deep dived.  Zoom and Teams calls and the use of various collaboration tools became the norm.  But the question is – are these channels right for the future?  

Flexing content to reflect changes in values

The pandemic changed how people feel about what they do and who they do it for.  We read about it in the Press all the time. A significant aspect of employee engagement is now likely to come from the employee experience and what companies stand for – their role and purpose, attention to D & I, Climate Change, Wellness, Ways of Working.  Do you know what is important to your current and prospective employees now?

How we can help

We have extensive experience of scoping, facilitating and implementing internal communication audits across many different organisations and sectors – UK and Global.

Using a combination of online surveys, focus groups, user testing and prioritisation workshops we can help:

  • Uncover the topics of most interest to employees
  • Uncover attitudes and preferences towards your existing mix of channels and content to help redefine the role, purpose and measurement of each going forward
  • Test the reaction and appetite for new and/or different ways of communicating
  • Identify what more can be done to ensure Senior Leaders and People Managers are better informed and supported when briefing teams 
  • Determine whether or not there are geographical nuances we need to address to improve local relevance and engagement

Complete end-to-end support

Our complete end-to-end support is based on a series of key delivery stages but designed to be as flexible as you need us to be. We will aim to:

  1. Understand the current internal communications landscape 
  2. Identify any emerging issues likely to impact the audit
  3. Agree ways of working, including planning and logistics
  4. Be clear on objectives, requirements and expectations
  5. Create a set of guiding principles and questions
  6. Implement the audit after agreeing upon a preferred methodology
  7. Capture findings and report back with actionable insights
  8. Implement prioritisation workshops to drive actions and ownership

We can also help benchmark your findings against the market. Being able to demonstrate how you compare with others may help to further strengthen your case for investment where needed. 

A new beginning

The end of the audit is simply the start of a new beginning. Your opportunity to press the re-start and reframe what good employee engagement looks like within your organisation.

With access to newly sourced data and compelling actionable insight you are now well placed to influence and challenge everyone to rethink their approach to internal communications for the better and ultimately have a positive impact on the employee experience and employee engagement.

We’re ready to help

If you’re looking to improve the role and value of internal communications and think we can help, please contact Andy Macleod on 07740 505781 or email [email protected].