The Brief

These are some details to think about as the hiring client.

  • New team:  Are you creating a new team? If so, we can help you to think through what that new team looks like to help in the hiring for the role.
  • Skillset: What particular skills are essential for this role?  Do you need a strategist or a doer?  Are line manager skills needed?  Do they need C-suite experience?
  • Deliverables:  What are the key deliverables for this role?  Many briefs tend to be overloaded with multiple objectives – what are the top three for this role? 
  • Sector experience: Is specific sector experience required?  Sometimes it is good to consider those outside the sector for fresh eyes and thinking.  Many of our network have worked as interims and have vast experience across multiple sectors.

Budget:  Do you have a fixed budget or do you need some advice?  Offering the right salary is key to getting the right calibre of candidate.  We can guide you.

Working hours:  How much flexibility are you able to offer?  Full-time, part-time, work from home, hybrid working?