Edith is a coach with over 12 years’ experience of helping people, teams and organisations remove barriers to success. She loves to help people have more of those days when life just flows. With over 30 years’ experience in large global and national organisations in both the public and private sectors, Edith is skilled at understanding different organisational cultures. She quickly gets to the heart of a problem, uncovering barriers to success and allowing clients the space to learn. Having spent a lot of time working with people in IT, technology and data analytics, Edith has a deep understanding of organisational transformation change communications and how to achieve behaviour shift.

Coaching style

Edith will adapt her coaching style depending on the challenge to overcome, the client or the organisation. She would describe what she does as facilitating focused conversations that provide an opportunity for insight, understanding, development and growth.


Edith trained as an actress many years ago which gives her excellent insight into what makes people tick. She has created and delivered training courses on subjects such as influencing skills and personal impact to individuals and groups. With good business acumen – understanding the importance of creating a clear vision, strategy, objectives and accountabilities to improve performance – Edith is skilled at handling conflict, particularly within leadership teams, and getting them to connect and work together successfully with a common purpose.

Training and qualifications

Edith has a post graduate qualification in executive and leadership coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management. In addition, she is a qualified teacher and a master practitioner in neuro linguistic programming.

Edith provided constructive challenge to the team on our strategy and helped us to create a mission that people could buy into and follow. She added immense value as a coach to the leadership team, encouraging us to have the difficult conversations, ensuring we built trust and became a high performing team.