The Brief

The first thing to think about is your brief.

Is there a job description? If not, no problem.

Here are some of the details to think about as the hiring client.

  • Deliverables. What are the deliverables for this assignment?
  • Timescales. What timetable are you working to?
  • Level. Do you want a candidate who is used to working at a strategic level? Or perhaps you need someone to focus on delivery?
  • Skillset. What particular skills are essential or desired for this assignment?
  • Sector experience. Does the brief require particular sector experience? Be aware that most interims are highly adaptable and their skills are transferable.
  • Location. Do you have office space for this worker? Would you prefer they work at home? Perhaps a combination of both?
  • Hours. Is this full-time or part-time?
  • Budget. Do you have a fixed budget or do you need some advice?
  • Travel. Is there any travel in the UK or overseas?