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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an internal communications recruitment agency?
Comma is a specialist internal communications recruitment agency. This means we are very in tune with the internal communications market.
How many internal communication candidates will you share with me?
Typically, for interim roles, we aim to deliver three or four of the very best internal communication candidates we think will be the perfect match to your organisation. For permanent roles, it usually takes about a week.
How long does the recruitment process take for internal communicators?
Once we have a brief from you, Comma will move quickly, presenting you with a shortlist in two to three days for interim roles and approximately a week for permanent roles.
How much do you charge for your services?
We charge a standard fee for permanent and interim services, agreed with each client.
What pay rates would a senior internal communicator expect?
A senior internal communicator will typically be paid in the £65,000 – £80K+ range. Corporates will often pay more and change communication roles will generally pay more.
What pay rates would a mid-level internal communicator expect?
A mid-level internal communicator will typically expect to be paid in the £45,000 to £60,000 pay range.
Why should I consider an interim internal communicator?
Interim communicators are excellent when you have a short term need, maybe for 3, 6, 12 months. Interims also save on headcount. Comma’s interim internal communicators will have a great deal of experience, bring a fresh focus and produce results for you very quickly.
What would I need to pay an interim internal communicator?
Pay levels for interim internal communicators will vary on level but generally from £450 a day for junior to mid-level roles to £700+ for more senior roles.
Why should I consider an FTC internal communicator?
FTC contracts are often preferred by clients who cannot add to their headcount.

Sometimes organisations have a short term need, maybe for a specific project, or they need to fill a vacancy whilst someone is on maternity leave, on sick leave or on Sabbatical.

Can I expect internal communication candidates to work from home?

There are a mix of working hours and hybrid working models out there. This sort of issue will be discussed as part of your brief so we can make the best match between company and candidates.