Comma joins the State of the Sector 2024 launch panel

08 February 2024

For IC specialists across the globe, State of the Sector is THE definitive annual internal communications report and we’ve been proud as punch to partner with Gallagher – Employee Experience & Communication for their 2024 edition.

We were thrilled to be part of the launch event this week, with our very own Andy Macleod joining the launch panel to provide a unique perspective in his 10th year as a specialist internal comms recruiter. He was certainly in good company, joined by industry pros Rayna Miller, Jennifer Sproul and Andrew Hubbard as they covered key topics such as AI, wellbeing, measurement and the value of the ‘strategic’ communicator in these uncertain times.

The State of the Sector 2024 report is now live!

*** To grab your copy of the full report click here ***

We’ll be sharing our thoughts on the report findings in a detailed post soon, reflecting from our experience and perspective as IC and EX recruiters, as well as looking ahead to 2024.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime you can join the discussion by following our LinkedIn.

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