with Chris Crofts

Doing twice the work in half the time. Something I’m sure sounds appealing to us all. But is it achievable? By the end of this learning and development event you WILL have done ‘twice the work in half the time’. We promise!

So how are we going to do it? Chris Crofts, former Global Employee Engagement Director at Diageo, and before that, Aviva, will be showing us some tips and tools to bring a taste of Agile into our daily ways of working.

Chris will talk us through four, high-level principles that she has adopted over a decade of working in organisations on ‘Agile’ culture journeys. Helpfully for us, Chris has adapted and applied Agile’s principles without the need for scrum masters, stand-ups or backlogs.

Instead, she will show you just a few simple tools and ideas to help you become more focused and efficient at work and better able to discuss the concept knowledgeably when you meet clients and colleagues.