Key reminders if you’re facing redundancy

01 March 2024

As someone who has been made redundant three times, I know what this feels like. For many, it’s a jolt, it’s difficult and it’s a blow, even scary.

And worse, if you do not have financial security or a settlement, you will have to rely on your savings and even your family to support you.

Having spoken to candidates who are redundant, I was thinking about my own experiences. One was really a “guilty employer payoff” due to onerous travel required of me (so I don’t count that). But the other two occasions – not nice!

Let’s look at the definition of redundancy: “the state of being not or no longer needed or useful”! A negative statement which would knock any remaining confidence in the unfortunate 4 in 1,000 employees who lost their jobs in the last quarter, and others on the job market for much longer.

So, I would be up for campaigning for a new description which is more positive and uplifting – something on the lines of liberation, emancipation, or self-determination perhaps.

I spoke to one lovely lady who had been applying for jobs 24/7 since Day 1 of her “self-determination”. She was clearly still grieving her old job which she loved. But frantic activity is unhealthy and unproductive – almost never the answer. You simply cannot market yourself or make good decisions if you are desperate, sad, or exhausted.

There is a lot of sensible advice around:

📌Take a break, process your feelings, write them down, then move on.
📌Sort your finances to maximise your savings, any tax benefits and maybe investments if you get a payoff.
📌Consider your next move – what you really really want to do.
📌Prepare your narrative and a new CV.
📌Consider self-development – it will look good on your CV.
📌Tap into your professional and social networks for ideas, referrals, financial advice, support
📌Connect with recruiters for a free treasure trove of advice, signposting and some informal coaching. You can speak contact me here.
📌Maintain a daily routine which balances the grind of job hunting with the “feel good” stuff (a walk, a coffee out).
📌Above all stay focused and positive.

I would add:

✅Redundancy does not affect your chances of being hired in the future.
✅You are more than your job and your title.
✅If outplacement is on offer from your former employer, I would say 100% follow the programme.
✅Look after your mental health and tap into the advisory and support resources available.
✅Don’t take the first job that comes along unless you really do want it.
✅Consider working with a coach even for one or two sessions to help you move forward.
✅Consider interim contracts -it’s more flexible and can be very rewarding.
✅Don’t feel guilty about not job hunting all the time.
✅Be realistic about the timescales in finding the right job..

For now, be kind to yourself. As they say in the world of beauty: “you are worth it”.

You’ll find many encouraging, supportive words of wisdom in the comments section of this post on LinkedIn – you can read those here.

Wishing you the best of luck,


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