Lou’s first year as an IC recruiter

21 March 2024

March marks a significant milestone for me – it’s been a whole year since I became the newest addition to the Comma team! From transitioning from a communications practitioner to stepping into the role of an internal communications recruiter, it’s been a year of success, learning, laughter and a LOT of coffee.

🤔People often ask me what inspired my move. With a degree in communications, and a career that started in CV writing and evolved into internal comms, transitioning into IC recruitment felt like a natural move for me. For more info on me, and Virginia and Andy, you can read our bios here.

I approach recruitment just as I did comms – with transparency, empathy, and a touch of humour whenever possible. It’s problem solving, helping people, making a tangible difference, it’s really not too dissimilar to comms at its core, and that’s probably why I love it.

Of course, the year hasn’t been without its challenges. In a market that’s combined so many obstacles (hiring freezes, redundancies, biased recruitment practices, mandated office returns to name but a few) improving the recruitment experience by supporting candidates and clients alike is a responsibility I don’t take lightly, and activity that seems more important than ever.

To the candidates who entrusted me to represent them and the clients who entrusted me with their investments, thank you. A special appreciation to Virginia and Andy for their unwavering support and to the incredible network of talented, kind communication professionals who have welcomed me with open arms.

And finally, a big thanks to myself for daring to take that leap. 😊
Despite what we might be told, progress isn’t always about climbing UP the ladder; sometimes, it’s about taking a sideways step to find new opportunities.

As I metaphorically blow out the candles on my imaginary 1st Anniversary cake (lemon drizzle, if you’re wondering), I’m making a wish for a year of:
✅prioritising candidate experience
✅action to improve IC pros’ wellbeing
✅making inclusive recruitment processes the norm, not a novelty
✅healthy IC budgets / investment in IC & EX

It’s been a fantastic 1st year, here’s to the next one!


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