Blog 2 – December 2020

23 December 2020

  • Our next Comma Exchange Zoom is 6th January at 5.00 pm.  Our topic this time will be “How we remain relevant when we’re not in the workplace”.

Philip, who has been helping with the Exchange, now has a new contract job. Well done Philip and thank you for getting us going.  Tracy will now be helping me moving forward.

  • We’ve updated the Comma Exchange library with articles and contributions from a number of you.  Thank you to those who have contributed. Recent additions include:
  • Join The Club  This is aimed at people who have lost their job, are between assignments or are just simply thinking about – what next.  For £96 you get enrolled on a Five Steps to Thrive programme where you work through a module each day received through your inbox
  • Ebook storytelling for job interviews – the book is downloaded and available on the Exchange
  • Nine tips for maintaining your wellbeing – a subject which is not going to go away any time soon!
  • How to lead when you and your team are exhausted – Harvard Business Review (good for understanding how leaders might be feeling now and how we can help.  An interesting reference also to Learned Helplessness.
  • Interview questions – questions you might benefit from rethinking for new times
  • Tell me about yourself – help on being ready for that all important question. Do you need to tweak it? Do you need to rethink how you deliver it?  Have you practiced it real-time of late?
  • For anyone who wasn’t at our Virtual Christmas Drinks last week, during the course of the event, other books and podcasts were recommended.  We thought it would be useful to share a selection of these with you too:

The War for Kindness – building empathy in a fractured world by Jamil Zaki  

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day – a podcast that celebrates the things that haven’t gone right.  Every week, a new interviewee explores what their failures taught them about how to succeed better.

The Brain at Work – the main podcast of the NeuroLeadership Institute.  They believe that by helping leaders to understand how the brain works they can equip them with the tools to transform their organisations – building new habits and changing how people work, communicate and make decisions.

  • Other things to take a look at:

Inspiring WorkPlaces is holding an event on Thursday, 7th January, specifically for those out of work and seeing their next opportunity.

The Guardian’s Masterclasses.  These cover a multitude of topics and are snapped up quickly but it’s worth a look.


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